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Welcome to independent filmmaking in Buffalo and Western New York! This is Indie Buffalo, a place where anyone with a script, or a camera, a desire to be in front of the camera or behind it, or just with a dream to get active in the making of a film, can get informed, connected, and involved. This site is dedicated to the actor who needs to get experience, to the writer with the next great script, to the technicians that have the skills but not the credits, to anyone and everyone who’s got filmmaking in their blood.
Here’s how to get the most out of this website:
1) Visit the message boards for the latest information on independent filmmaking. Please post your info here anytime. (You’ll need to register, but that’s easy! (CLICK HERE) The more info we get the better everyone can stay informed about what’s happening. 
2) Send us your press releases, updates on production, write an article about techniques or tricks you’ve learned and would like to share with other aspiring filmmakers, review a local film you’ve seen and let us know what you think is happening in film in WNY. (
3) Got a new HD camera? Just upgraded to the latest Final Cut? The best way to develop a healthy and sustainable film industry is for all of us to keep informed and up-to-date on EQ, software, etc.
4) Got a question? Ask it! Someone has the answer, and this site is the place to find it.
5) Check out the links on this page. There are lots of interested people and companies in the area who want to improve the quantity and quality of film production here.
Okay, just exactly what do we mean by independent filmmaking? Well, it is not a matter just of budget, as there are low/no budget films and then very expensive films that can qualify as independent productions. Generally, though, it means a production that does not come from an established film production studio, such as Sony, Universal, Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros., or an established film development & production company, such as Morgan Creek, Silver Pictures, Mandalay Films, New Line Cinema, Miramax, etc. Often, films that receive less than 50% of their budget from a major studio are considered "independent."
But for our purposes, the independent film means a local production, usually on a low/no budget, with the cast and crew being drawn from local or regional sources most often for low/no pay, with a minimum of specially built sets, small casts, and few special effects or elaborate action sequences. The typical indie film is character-driven, sometimes experimental in its structure, and very often falls into the genre film category or is an exploitation film. The relative ease of creating a horror film (or gore film) or a “slob” comedy featuring nudity or gross-out humor; easy because blood and (evidently) nudity are cheap and (apparently) inexhaustable resources; means they predominate in the independent film world. But there are many types of independent film and a great number of innovative and creative films are made in WNY each year in many styles.
What’s the attraction? Experience, of course. Long hours, low/no pay, arguments, low chance of success, etc., are not really impediments to the excitement of creating something new, of collaborating with like-minded individuals, and the possibility of making something that reaches an audience and might lead to an even better filmmaking opportunity. You’ve heard of the legends: Robert Rodriquez’s El Mariachi made for about seven thousand dollars (and a great deal of in-kind services, volunteer labor, and lots of good will), or Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez’s Blair Witch Project made for thirty-five thousand dollars and with a twenty-five million dollar ad campaign; that went on to make lots of money and bring fame to their creators. But the truth is, that most independent films do not bring fame and fortune, they only bring experience and the opportunity to move to onwards & upwards. And, of course, the satisfaction that comes with working hard, having fun, and creating something of which you can be proud.
This website was created to promote the development of a diverse, creative, and economically sustainable film & digital media production industry in Buffalo & Western New York. We feel that only through the support & encouragement of production on all levels; student filmmaking, industrial and marketing films, educational and training films, documentary and history films, short and experimental films, fictional features - as well as major productions from outside the area - will a true film & digital media industry take hold here. We believe it can happen, and with cooperation from all sectors, it will happen.
Featured Film: FrightWorld - The Movie
David Gray, make-up artist, on the set of the 2006 Red Scream Films production
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